Lynn Jackman is a married, mother of one, who, after sending her child to both trade school and university, is now ready to tackle the last half of her life.  She writes children’s books, fiction tween books, and nonfiction Christian ideology books.  She is also a great cook and she and her husband have grown gardens for as long as they have been married, so she has decided to put together a cookbook which also teaches about food preservation for our younger generations.

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Right now Lynn continues to work on her children’s series called Whippy the Whale.  Whippy is a young orca that goes on adventures and learns life lessons in how to get along with other people, and how our own behavior can have lasting effects on others.  Lynn is also a literacy teacher and wants the vocabulary for young children advanced, so in her books she uses words which are underlined and in the back those underlined words have a glossary.  Parents can work with their children to not only learn the lessons Whippy learns, too, but also can help their children understand more advanced words through the glossary definitions.  Whippy the Whale Adventure Series can be found for sale at   Right now, there are 3 in her series of 10 are available for purchase.

Lynn continues work on her cookbook.  She insists on testing each and every recipe in the book and also is shooting photos for the book.  Lynn was hopeful this book could be finished by the end of 2017, but the work is ongoing.  Keep watching her site for the announcement that the book is finished.

Lynn’s tween book is an adventure for more mature children.  She finished the book and had an idea, so she started a rewrite on it to incorporate her idea.  She believes she will have a better product at the end of this rewrite.

Last but not least, Lynn is giving most of her writing attention to her Christian ideology book right now.  Lynn feels she is really nobody special on this earth, but she does think she has something special to share which will hopefully make people stop and think.  Her book “What Is It About Christians?” will examine this question and try to explain who Christians are and what makes them tick.

Please enjoy looking through recipes, reading synopses of her Whippy adventures, and getting to know Lynn through this website.  If you have any questions or comments, please email Lynn on the contact page.  She would love to discuss any of her projects.


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